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When Should Your Order Wedding Invitations?

When Should Your Order Wedding Invitations?

When planning a wedding, every detail counts, and one of the first steps in setting the tone for your special day is through the invitations. The timing of ordering and sending out wedding invitations is crucial to ensure everything runs smoothly and your guests are informed well in advance. Below is a comprehensive guide, combining expert advice and practical tips, to help you navigate the timeline for your wedding stationery.

Understanding the Timeline

The ideal time frame for ordering and sending wedding invitations is not a one-size-fits-all schedule but rather a series of recommended steps leading up to your wedding date. Here's a detailed timeline, including a table for quick reference, to keep you on track:

Time Before Wedding Action Item
9-12 months Send Save-the-Date cards (especially for destination weddings or international guests)
6-9 months Order Wedding Invitations
4-6 months Finalize and Order Custom Designs/Specialty Printing; Book Calligrapher if needed
2-4 months Mail out the Invitations (earlier for destination weddings or if visas are required for international guests)
1 month Prepare and order day-of stationery (programs, menus, place cards, etc.)

Detailed Breakdown

9 Months Before: Begin your research for wedding invitations. This is the perfect time to explore styles, themes, and stationers. Pinterest, Instagram, and recommendations from your wedding planner can be great sources of inspiration.

8 Months Before: Order samples from your chosen stationers to get a feel for the quality and style of their invitations. Simultaneously, finalize your guest list and start collecting addresses. If you desire a custom wedding invitation design or plan to use a specialty print process like letterpress or foil, this is the time to start discussions with designers.

7 Months Before: Book your stationer and/or calligrapher. If you're going for a custom design or need specialty printing, booking early ensures you won't be rushed later on. Decide how you'll address the envelopes—whether you'll do it yourself, ask a friend, or hire a professional.

6 Months Before: Place your order for wedding invitations. This allows ample time for design, proofing, printing, and addressing. If you're opting for a semi-custom design or a simpler invitation suite, this timeline can be slightly adjusted, but the key is to allow enough time for any unforeseen delays.

Why Timing Matters

Ordering invitations well in advance helps avoid rush fees, expedited shipping charges, and the stress of last-minute scrambles. It also provides a buffer for proofreading, making any necessary adjustments, and accommodating the assembly time for any special elements like envelope liners or custom embellishments.

Final Thoughts

Remember, while the timeline above serves as a general guideline, your specific needs or any custom elements might require adjustments. Always communicate with your stationer about their turnaround times and any other vendors involved (like calligraphers) to ensure everything aligns with your wedding planning timeline.

By following these recommendations, you'll ensure your wedding invitations are ordered, delivered, and sent out with ample time for your guests to plan accordingly, setting the stage for your unforgettable day with elegance and ease.

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