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About Prints Jackson: Why We Built a Business in Jackson

About Prints Jackson: Why We Built a Business in Jackson

Jackson, Mississippi, has a rich and complex history that traces back to its early days as a trading post and its development into the state’s capital. Founded in 1821 and named after Andrew Jackson, a war hero from the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812 and later the seventh U.S. president, Jackson’s early growth was shaped by its strategic location along the Pearl River and on the historic Natchez Trace trade route.

The Jackson Mississippi Economy

The economy of Jackson, Mississippi, is characterized by a diverse range of industries and sectors that contribute to its vibrancy and growth. The city’s strategic location, skilled workforce, and various economic drivers play pivotal roles in its economic development.

  1. Economic overview: Local businesses support Jackson's economy, which has a lower cost of living than the national average. The city’s unemployment rate stands at 7.7%, slightly above the national average, with a job market that has seen growth in recent years. However, future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be slightly lower than the US average. The median household income in Jackson is notably lower than the national average, indicating economic challenges in terms of income levels​​.
  2. Key Industries:
    • Healthcare is a significant contributor to Jackson’s economy, thanks to its top-tier medical facilities and a robust network of healthcare providers.
    • The manufacturing sector is diverse, encompassing automotive, electronics, and consumer goods, benefiting from Jackson’s strategic location and skilled workforce.
    • Education plays a crucial role, with esteemed institutions fostering innovation and knowledge-based initiatives.
    • The technology sector is emerging as a driver of economic growth, with a focus on innovation and digital transformation.
    • Transportation and logistics benefit from Jackson’s connectivity and infrastructure, aiding in the efficient movement of goods and services.
    • The city also has a strong agricultural sector and is making strides in renewable energy and sustainable practices within the energy sector​​.
  3. Labor and Employment: Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a positive trend in employment with a low unemployment rate, indicating a healthy labor market. The nonfarm wage and salary employment data reflect growth in sectors such as construction, trade, transportation, and utilities, although manufacturing has seen some decline​​.
  4. Economic Development Initiatives: The Jackson Metro area, including Hinds, Madison, Rankin, and Warren counties, boasts a multibillion-dollar economy with key sectors like advanced manufacturing, health care, information technology, food processing, and distribution. The region offers advantages for business investment and expansion, including tax credits, exemptions, affordable housing, and a variety of cultural and entertainment options​​.
  5. Employment Growth: There was a 2.75% increase in employment from February 2022 to February 2023 across Mississippi, indicating positive momentum in job creation and economic activity​​.

Jackson’s economic landscape is characterized by its diversity, with strengths in healthcare, manufacturing, education, technology, and logistics. Despite facing challenges such as lower median household incomes and future job growth projections slightly below the national average, the city’s strategic initiatives and sectoral developments offer a foundation for future economic prosperity and resilience.

The printing industry in Jackson, Mississippi, is well-established and diverse, featuring several key players that offer a wide range of services, from traditional offset printing to digital printing, graphic design, direct mail services, and more.

  • Hederman Brothers has been a significant presence in Jackson’s printing scene since 1898. Known for its innovative approach, Hederman Brothers has made a name for itself by incorporating the first offset printing press in Mississippi in 1928 and offering special finishes, web storefront portals, and a commitment to environmental sustainability by recycling a substantial amount of material annually​​.
  • Mahaffeys’ Quality Printing has been serving the Jackson area since 1951, providing a comprehensive suite of services that includes offset printing, digital printing, direct mail, roll labels, graphic design, and packaging among others. Their expertise spans a wide range of projects, emphasizing their capability to meet various printing needs​​.
  • PrintsJackson is recognized for its proficiency in combining printing services with custom web design and direct mail marketing to help businesses achieve their growth objectives. They specialize in a broad spectrum of products like flyers, postcards, posters, and promotional products, showcasing their ability to deliver integrated marketing solutions​​.
  • Alliance Business Services offers a variety of printing and marketing services, including posters, promotional products, tickets, trade show displays, and more. They emphasize finishing and bindery as crucial steps in the printing process, ensuring that each project is completed to the highest standards​​.
  • Acme Printing Company, Inc prides itself on being fast, dependable, and affordable, with over 45 years of service in the Jackson area. They offer services ranging from offset printing and digital copying to graphic design and binding & finishing, catering to both small and large, complex projects​​.

These companies illustrate the vibrant and dynamic nature of Jackson’s printing industry, each bringing its own unique strengths and services to the table. Whether businesses or individuals are looking for high-quality print materials, innovative design services, or efficient and effective marketing solutions, Jackson’s printing industry has the expertise and technology to meet a wide array of needs.

More About Jackson Mississippi

Initially known as LeFleur’s Bluff, after Louis LeFleur, a French-Canadian trader, the area served as a significant trading post before being selected as the site for Mississippi’s new state capital. This decision was influenced by the area’s beautiful surroundings, good water, abundant timber, navigable waters, and proximity to the Natchez Trace, making it an ideal location for the state’s political and administrative center.

The Civil War era marked a tumultuous period for Jackson, with the city experiencing significant destruction. Jackson received the moniker "Chimneyville" due to the numerous chimneys that still stood among the ruins after General William Tecumseh Sherman's forces largely reduced it to ashes during the Vicksburg campaigns.

Following the Civil War, Jackson’s recovery was slow, hampered by a corrupt city government run by carpetbaggers. However, the arrival of new railroads in the 1880s spurred growth and development, transforming Jackson into a significant urban center in the region.

By the 1920s, Jackson had surpassed Meridian to become the most populous city in Mississippi, thanks in part to a speculative natural gas boom. The city’s slogan, “The City with Soul,” reflects its rich musical heritage in blues, gospel, folk, and jazz, contributing to its cultural vibrancy. Today, Jackson serves as the capital of Mississippi and is the most populous city in the state, acting as the anchor for the Jackson metropolitan statistical area, the largest in Mississippi​​​​.

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